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Feb. 27th, 2010

Agent types and other interns: what do you do when the querier includes a list of "Questions for Reader Discussion" but no sample pages, and normally such presumptuousness makes you want to automatically reject them, but the premise has you genuinely interested?


Addendum to the beautiful covers roundup

Uh... sorry for the extra post, but it's the holidays and nobody's posting, so here's some more color for your immobile friends' lists! Except for the one devoid of color, but that adds to its overall theme, I think. And leaving these fabulous covers off my Most Gorgeous Covers '09 list is a wrong I'd best correct. (Thanks angie_frazier for reminding me!

This one.

SEA CHANGE - Aimee Friedman

Not to be outdone, we have this one...

HUSH, HUSH - Becca Fitzpatrick

And this one

NEED - Carrie Jones

And how cool was this one?

EYES LIKE STARS - Lisa Mantchev

Most Gorgeous Covers of 2009

Not judging the books by them, just admiring! ;)

There were a ton of beautifully-done covers this year, but I think this one's my favorite.

SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater. Stunning in a quiet, icy way.

Also demanding to be acknowledged, we've got:

LIBYRINTH - Pearl North (Love this! Great book too, and I'm not even a sci fi girl.)

THE HOLLOW - Jessica Verday (Chillingly exquisite.)

SPLENDOR - Anna Godberson (A given, but it had to be said.)

SILVER PHOENIX: BEYOND THE KINGDOM of XIA - Cindy Pon (Yeah, I know I keep pimping this one, but I can't not include this amazing pink and blue cover of the girl who's clearly a badass.)

Did I leave anyone out? Oh, don't even answer that. I already neglected to throw any of these behind a cut tag.

(I'll do the special categories a little later.)

Best YA Books of 2009

My 'Best of' list includes the usual suspects-- yes to Suzanne Collins, yes to Carrie Ryan (cannot WAIT for her sequel OMG), and a big huge YES to Cindy Pon (can't wait for her sequel either!)

I'm also throwing in Hannah Moskowitz's BREAK,

Pearl North's LIBRYNTH,

Lesley Livingston's DARKLIGHT (sequel to WONDROUS STRANGE; released like 2 days ago to make it in just under the wire for '09)

and Justina Chen Headley's NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL.

*I have not yet read BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!!! I know, wtf?

(I'd do the pictures of the covers but you've seen them all, many times over.)

Merry Christmas!!!

Saw New Moon

I was 100% Team Edward until tonight, but that Jacob made his case. I kinda think he'd be better for her.

What's so great about Bella Swan? I mean really. She has the undying love of both Edward and Jacob because... why exactly?
So excited about the NA genre!! This was my problem with my first MS; the MCs were 21 and 22, and for what they were dealing with there was no way to age them down. I'll be pulling this back out for some revisions, but I have a couple other projects I'd like to get done too.

No fainting this week so far and I'm feeling much better. Thanks so much for your concerns, those who commented in that last post and e-mailed, I appreciated it very much! I've mostly been laying low and watching a ton of HGTV (It sucks you in!) and that show about the bitchy brides who yell at everybody. Good times.

Someone post me a pic of a cute animal or something plz. Werewolves are case-by-case.


I'm writing a sexy scene. It's YA so nothing too graphic, but I can't stop laughing. How do you romance types do this?

First one to suggest turning on Wicked Game gets thrown out of here.
Got my copy of GIVING UP THE V by the fabulous Serena Robar via her contest in the mail this week!

Inside is written "Andrea, you are the bestest bestest BESTEST person ever!!"

(I asked for that, but still!)

Since my own MC struggles with whether or not to cash in her V-card, this should be an entertaining read.

Thanks Serena! Can't wait to read it! And thank you mandyhubbard for sending it! And congrats on P&P's second printing!

On Agent Calls


Just a couple questions du jour:

1. When your agent (or even an agent you didn't end up signing with) called, was there anything they asked that you didn't expect, or hadn't known that they might ask about?

2. What would you say the single most important thing for YOU to ask a potential agent is during this phone call? (We'll assume you already know what they've sold from your online research skillz.)

3. Does the would-be agent tell you *before* you sign what changes he/she would want you to make? Do people often go with the agent who would require the least amount of manuscript changing, as long as they feel they click with the agent? (I get that it usually does need some tweaking, but most of you probably didn't want to alter your story to the point it was totally unrecognizable, right?)


Prada & Prejudice

Yeah call me a nerd, but I seriously teared up when I saw Mandy's book on the shelf today.

Sitting at Red Robin for hours on end with mindiscott, ordering more and more Diet Cokes and Dr. Peppers (I'm sure our waiters just loved us), talking about our dreams. I remember reading an eeeearly draft of P&P, eiher the first or second, and going "I can see this working."

Apparently it worked. And I am so very proud of Mandy!

Later I asked the salesclerk if they had one of those "Great Teen Reads" or "Fun Summer Reading" display tables, and of course they did, and he was happy to add P&P. (This sighting was also at a Books-A-Million, if we're tracking which stores.)

Thanks for the shout-out! LOVED IT!