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Andrea's Writing Journal

a vegetarian with a hamburger fetish

27 July 1980
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Hey. I'm Andrea and I try to write.

I have pretty varied tastes. (Right here on my desk, I've got a Tom Wolfe wedged between two of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic books, if that says anything.) And Lord knows I used to live on the BabySitter's Club series.

I really enjoy keeping up with other writers and I love it when people post excerpts of their work!

...I have decided, just now, that thinking up a good "about me" paragraph is way too indimidating. So, here is my blog. Knock yourself out.


PAPARAZZA (YA contemporary)
ALOE VERA (adult literary)
UNTITLED YA (urban?) fantasy
TWO INSANE GIRLS (adult commercial/literary confluence)

That one which starts with the girl locking eyes with her crush across the courtroom, but sadly he's sitting on the defendant's side because his best friend/teammate assaulted her best friend (I have not gotten any further than this)

That one about the girl who sees hourglasses floating above the heads of people who are going to die tragically young and oh noooo, there's one above her crush's